2016 is The Year of Arts & Young People in Birmingham and we want you to take the challenge!


Thank you for all those who helped bring YAY16 to a close. Thank you for all those performed and above is a review of all the hard work you’ve done in 2016 and below is a list of all the great performers we had join us!

Now we are in UTSAV: The year of South Asian Culture 2017! Click on the link below to find out more:


18:30 YAY16 Documentary
18:40 YAY16 Speeches
18:50 Sonia Sabri
19:00 HOST- Raza
19:05 Wel Jel
19:10 Brad O’Neill
19:20 Nyanda Foday
19:25 Raza
19:30 Adjei Dsani
19:35 Konor Taroni
19:40 Ellisha Green
19:45 Mia Cunningham
19:50 Namiwa Jazz
20:05 Sam and Joel
20:10 Bethany Slinn
20:15 Madi Saskia
20:20 Sophia Lee
20:25 Open Theatre
20:35 Monty T
20:45 Ahlaam
20:50 Tom and Michael
21:00 Josh Grant
21:05 Aysha Sainsbury
21:10 Raza
21:15 Sonia Sabri


Get stuck in and make something your own! Whether you’re a budding musician, spoken word artist, painter, film maker, artist, writer, the list goes on, there are all sorts of workshops running throughout the year, have a go!

Get involved! Try something new and most importantly, tell us about it! Let @brumculture know what you’re getting involved with and what your group is already doing to make 2016 count!

Be part of an audience. There are plenty of events, big and small, happening across the city this year, so we’re sure you can find something fantastic.

What’s it all about?
We’re working with theatres, galleries, concert halls, Arts organisations, independent companies, creative industries, schools, colleges, universities and communities to engage as many young people in as many accessible activities as possible!


All partners supporting the Year of Arts & Young People will have signed up to the City’s Cultural Strategy for Young People: Creative Future and demonstrated a commitment to giving young people aged from 0 to 25 access to high quality cultural provision through the 6 Creative Future pledges to be found here.