Facing The Gap

FACING THE GAP is a drama research and performance project funded by the European Union in the UK, Hungary, Malta and China.

facing the gapThe primary concern of the project is the development of a new creative practice that makes sense of the challenges and crises faced by people across the world, in order to be active and effective in it, and thereby change it.

The project, in part focused on the theoretical ideas of playwright Edward Bond, is an exploration towards developing a practice that is both theatrically distinct and socially useful, honing drama as a democratic tool for social exploration, debate, decision making and action.

The project began in December 2014, and is about to enter its main phase where we will be testing ideas in practice with a company of young actors, directors, writers, designers and producers. We will be working on a specially commissioned play, written by playwright Chris Cooper called Humana Fragmenta: Scenes of Migration, which addresses a critical problem in all four partner countries.

A series of 7 core rehearsals and workshops will be held on Saturdays every three weeks between February and July. In mid-July participants from all four countries will meet in Budapest to share their practice and findings over 7 days, followed by a 2 day international conference of dramatists, theatre workers and academics from across the world.

We are looking for individuals who are committed to the aims of the project and who are available on the dates to complete our UK company and are inviting interested individuals to get in touch. It is not necessary to have participated in earlier stages of the project. You need to be up to 30 years of age. Minimum age is 16.

If you are interested please contact Ceri on Admin@thegapartsproject.co.uk or 07533 456 387 or visit www.thegapartsproject.co.uk

27 Feb, 19 March,  9 April,  30 April,  21 May,  11 June,  2 July.
These will be full-day sessions in a central Birmingham venue (tbc) and will include lunch.

 Plus 21-31 July in Budapest (optional but to participate you will need a valid passport)

All of these sessions (including the trip) will be covered by the project.



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