The Vibe! A new youth led talk show coming soon!

The Vibe! Is a new youth led talk should about the 18-30’s who are creating work in the city!
The Vibe is going to be an online-based talk show, which we’re hoping to extend and develop with other ‘vlog’ style content.

The Vibe is about celebrating and highlighting the rich cultural scene in Birmingham, and a new creative way to spread the word about the current explosion of creativity in the city. The Vibe will have guests from established organizations in Birmingham and it gives a chance for young people in the city to learn more about the personalities and people behind the scenes of those arts organizations. Along side this the vibe will be having local talent as guests and interviewing them in order to share information and connect the city.

The show has a rotation of 7 hosts, consisting of events managers, theatre and film reviewers, students, recent graduates, poets/singers/artists and Drag Queens; as well as a team behind the scenes who have keen interests in the food, photography and filming in Birmingham.
The Vibe is very passionate about highlighting issues around LGBTQ, race and social issues and this is reflected in the background of our hosts – several of which run events centred around self expression, identity and equality, and want to bring issues like these to the observation of our viewership. Giving a fresh and honest perspective on what 18 to 30 year olds really think about what’s happening in the world around them today.

Keep your eyes peeled! This is one to watch!

You can watch MEET THE HOSTS here:

Part One:

Part Two:


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