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TILT 16 is a 5-day Aerial & Physical Theatre Festival led by Rogue Play Theatre  18th – 24th July that celebrates high quality teaching and performance from national and international circus artists. There is a comprehensive master class programme catering for beginners to professional performers, free outdoor aerial shows, young people’s work and family friendly performances.

There are free performances on 22nd, 23rd and 24th July, in Centenary Square, at 1pm and 4pm daily. Each performance is followed by free workshops, so audience members can have a go!

Snakes & Ladders A5 2pp Leaflet Front

The large outdoor Aerial performance of Snakes & Ladders is free! 22nd – 24th July, twice daily at 1pm & 4pm followed by free workshops, in Centenary Square (outside the ICC and REP Theatre).

Rogueplay Theatre Tilt 2016 Festival Leaflet


Master classes that run from 18th – 22nd July, for which participants are required to commit to the full 5 days. However there are single events, such as:
Master class in Aerial Theatre and Devising (on the evening of Monday 18th, a performance night on the 20th July)  and a Young People’s Performance Night on 21st July.

Master classes will happen here: West Midlands Creation Centre, Unit 8, Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham
There is on road parking on Fazeley Street, with a carpark opposite the building. There is also parking on Minerva Works.

There are different prices for each event which can be found here:


Alternatively you can contact Rouge play directly for any other enquires:


0121 643 0022 – Booking Required

Social media & Programme:

RoguePlay TILT Festival Programme
Twitter – @RoguePlay & @Tilt_Festival      #tilt16
Facebook – facebook.com/rogue.play
Instagram – @rogueplaytheatre






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