Gallery 37 is now in progress! On September 10th, there  is a showcase @  Millennium Point!   A show case that a new group of faces that represent  Birmingham cultural scene. The young, digital and diverse creative  (pictured below) have been working towards all week long to inspire and take the next step in their creative journey. 

Inside Millennium point will be street food from Taste and Liquor, and arts marketplace, masterclass and a career advisory. Zone offering 121 informal chats with industry leaders and audience attending. Lyrical stage,music stage including djs, g37 new work mixed with visiting national programme of artists including soulful Terri Walker, and poetic feminist firecracker Holly McNish. DAnce stage hosts a number of dance workshops for all ages and levels, mixed with g37 new work and several new works in progress shared including Choreographer STEADY (flawless) and Breakmission, Old Rep / Frantic Assembly for young male dancers from Birmingham. G37 participants host open studio for Arts & Crafts and BEATCAMP.

Outside will be food from taste and liquor with new music featuring G37 EP. and at Eastside Park there will be a stage a self contained; OFF THE SCALE Vintage clothes bus, visual artists intervention facilitated by G37 ARTS & CRAFTS Camp, with dance floor suiting BBOYs Break Mission, boys dance with Frantic Assembly and others.






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