YAY16 celebration event

To all you fantastic YAY16 performers, participants, creators and organisers, you are invited to the YAY16 celebratory event which marks the fantastic creative, collective achievements that our arts organisations and young people have made throughout the City in 2016 as part of the Year of Arts and Young People.

The celebratory event takes place on Wednesday 18th January between 6pm and 10pm in the studio Theatre, Library of Birmingham and is being programmed by Southside Producers – an outstanding team of young producers.

Hopefully, you will have seen seen our glorious black and yellow flags on roadsides around the city and/or attended some of the many events that have taken place. Many events have been commissioned by the Cultural Development Team and through the collective programming of the YAY16 working group, Chaired by Cllr Barry Bowles.

The Year of South Asian Arts and Culture 2017 will be launched at this event through dance, music and performance and you will have the opportunity to find out more about this forthcoming campaign and network with those involved. 

Please click on the  Eventbrite link below to secure your place at this event and show your continued support for arts and young people in Birmingham.


…and here’s the fantastic line up for the event:

18:30 YAY16 Documentary
18:40 YAY16 Speeches
18:50 Sonia Sabri
19:00 HOST- Raza
19:05 Wel Jel
19:10 Brad O’Neill
19:20 Nyanda Foday
19:25 Raza
19:30 Adjei Dsani
19:35 Konor Taroni
19:40 Ellisha Green
19:45 Mia Cunningham
19:50 Namiwa Jazz
20:05 Sam and Joel
20:10 Bethany Slinn
20:15 Madi Saskia
20:20 Sophia Lee
20:25 Open Theatre
20:35 Monty T
20:45 Ahlaam
20:50 Tom and Michael
21:00 Josh Grant
21:05 Aysha Sainsbury
21:10 Raza
21:15 Sonia Sabri

See you there! From all at YAY16 head quarters.


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